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- Welcome to Datorreparation Umeå -

We started Datorreparation Umeå with a vision of being able to offer our customers quality computer service at Umeå's lowest prices, as we belive computer service should not be unnecessarily expensive.

Datorreparation Umeå is a company that has it's base from home of our founder and technician, and for that reason we can offer a quality service without unnecessary additional costs.

This is because we have little to no overhead therefore we can offer Umeå's lowest prices,
and our foundation is built on these fundamental pillars:


With our vision to be the best choice for you, whether you are a business owner or home user, we belive you should have the option of full computer service and technical support without compromising either quality or efficiency.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we gladly share our knowledge, such as these examples:

> Full computer service.
> Installation and configuration of networks.
> Installation and activation of IP-Telephony.
> Tech Support.
> Consultation.

And much more.
For more information feel free to contact us.

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090 - 19 92 91


We are systematically doing several diagnostic test on your computer to find out what causes the problem and we do NO repairs without your consent.
(You save 750 swe. kr.)


In order for you to keep your repair costs as low as possible, we do not charge an hourly fee. (You save 650 swe.kr. per hour.)


We at Datorreparation Umeå think it's unnecessary that you as a customer pay too much, therefore, we only have fixed prices.


If you find any local service here in Umeå, which has lower prices than we offer and can provide proof of this, you will get a 10% lower price.


For your satisfaction we will perform your service within 72 hours of submission. However, delays may occur in certain services.


We would like to take care of your old hardware to disassemble it and reuse parts at the option of safeguarding the environment.


Should we without any means not be able to repair your computer, your visit will be completely free of charge.


We always leave a 3 month warranty on our service we perform, however, some discrepancy may occur.


Contact us and we will tell you more about a guaranteed profitable cooperation.

- Consultation -

Are you as an entrepreneur or individual in need of consultation?
No problem, contact us today and we will make an appointment.

090 - 19 92 91

- Services & Prices -

Prices are set as Swedish currency.

Operating system reinstallation.

Includes full update + newest drivers for your hardware.

fr. 500 kr

Backup files from SSD, HDD or USB storage.

Backup of documents, pictures, music, movies, etc.

fr. 300 kr

Virus Removal + Verification.

Removal of viruses, trojans and malicious software.

fr. 200 kr

Installation and updating of software.

Update for example: Antivirus software, windows update, office, etc.

fr. 200 kr

Physical cleaning of desktop computers.

Removing dust inside the computer.

250 kr

Physical cleaning of laptop.

Removing dust inside your laptop.

450 kr

Upgrading of old hardware.

Upgrade of for example: graphics card, internal memory, SSD, etc.

Contact us.

Custom build of a new computer.

We help you build a computer according to your needs and finances.

Contact us.

Migration of components.

Move components from existing chassis to new meditation chassis.

Contact us.

- Business packages -

For you as an entrepreneur, it also happens that you encounter computer problems and it usually means loss of revenue. We at Datorreparation Umeå are currently developing different business packages in order to offer large as well as small business owners affordable and efficient computer service and technical support so that you can focus on your business rather than worry about them technical iusses.

At present there is no date when these services will be launched, but we will update our website as soon as possible with informative material about it.

- IP Telephony -

IP telephony is a major part of today's society in terms of communication that is both cheap and easy-to-use.

Are you a private customer or entrepreneur curious about investing in this technology, just contact us and we will tell you more and we will come up with a solution that suits your needs.

- Customer Support -

~  Please send us a message with your needs and we will contact you as soon as possible. ~

Visiting address:

Datorreparation Umeå
Strombergs Väg 102
90728, Umeå

Tel: 090 - 19 92 91